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Welcome to our online English for Migrants course. If you are living in New Zealand and English is not your first language, then we can help you.

Logging in

When you log in with username and password, you will be taken to our Classroom page.

"My Course" The link on the left hand menu will take you to the lessons in your course. You can also see these listed in the box on the right of the message board.

If you click on "Unit 1", you will see all the lessons in that unit.
There are six lessons in each unit.

How to use my lessons

To begin a lesson you want to do, click on its title in the list of lessons in that unit. The first page of each lesson shows you the title, the topic and the skills you will practise.

The number and type of activities per lesson is shown in the grey menu bar running from left to right at the top of the lesson. To begin the lesson click "Start" to go to the first activity.

On each activity, you will see instructions on what to do in black writing. For example, enter your answers in the boxes or use the arrows.

When you have completed the exercise, click "Check Your Answers". You will be told your score and whether you have finished that exercise.

To go to the next exercise click "Next". Alternatively, you can click on the number of the exercise you would like to do. The menu bar will track where you are by highlighting the number of the exercise you are on.

When you have completed all the activities in the lesson, or wish to try another lesson, close the page by clicking on "Close" in the bar at the top of the page. You will then go back to the list of lessons for that unit where you can choose another lesson.

Answers and feedback

All of the exercises tell you whether your answer is correct or not. You get instant feedback on your answers.

Each exercise is then scored individually. You are given a percentage score based on how many correct answers you give and how many attempts you had before you got the answer right.

In many of the exercises you will also be told not only if your answer is incorrect, but given feedback telling you where to find the correct information or why your answer was not the right one.

What browser do I need to access the site?

SelfAccess has been developed and tested for use with the latest major browsers. Our content uses features defined by the W3C Internet standards for HTML4 and DOM1. These same standards have also been adopted by the major browser manufacturers.

Suitable browsers are Firefox 10.1, or Explorer 5.5 or above. To check your browser type and confirm compatibility with SelfAccess use our browser tester.

Why can't I hear the recordings?

To listen to the recordings you will need a sound card and MP3 player. If your computer does not have one, please click for a range of media players you can download.

If you are using the lessons from a school or institution, it may be that there is block in place to prevent people from downloading music and other files onto public computers. You may therefore need to talk to your technical team so that MP3 files from are allowed through.

Why can't I do the lessons?

It may be that you have cookies turned off on your Internet browser settings. Cookies need to be turned on for Selfaccess to work on your machine. You can turn cookies on and off by looking under "preferences" on explorer settings. Also under "security zones" on your explorer settings, leave you security level on medium.

Have you installed the "Google bar"? If you have the Google bar on Internet explorer, you need to allow pop ups from our site.

Why can't I log in?

Do you have cookies enabled for our site? You need to have you security settings on "medium".

If you are using internet explorer, there is sometimes a little 'eye' at the bottom of the page you will see if the cookies are blocked.

To change your settings go to:

  • Tools
  • Internet Options
  • Privacy

and then use the slider to set security to medium.

You can click on the "edit" button at the bottom of the screen (on the page you went to above) where it refers to cookie handling for individual sites.

  • Sites (button),
  • In "address of Web site" field,
  • enter selfaccess.comClick 'Allow' Button,
  • Check down the scrolling list to ensure that selfaccess support is set to 'Always Allow',
  • Save.

Close all IE instances and restart IE.